♥ Lovely Lady♥ (hollaatyagrl726) wrote in bitter_bitch,
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ok i am tyler and i might be hella young but i am fucking know for my bitching and attitude, for ask me to leave if u want me to but listen to my rant and rave first.

omg wat the fuck is up with the those communities that u have to "apply" for, i just wanted to talk to other surfers and i just no, no , no and no because i am so young...i am probably smart and kooler than most of those girls there. u cna ask a lot of ppl i dont fucking act my age. and o yea they said know because i didnt"proofread" my application. if i wanted to be in skool i would, wat the hell. i am not some up tight psyco ho. thank u very much

and thanks for listening to me rant
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