black_legend (black_legend) wrote in bitter_bitch,

omg what is it with rating communities? i joined bitch power and they all say no because i have a bad attitude. They want bitches but when they get one they say no. Does anyone understand that because im afraid i have a problem understanding shallow minded, inferior people.
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They don’t want bitches, they want to look like they have “Attitude”…but they don’t, they just suck…fucking morons.

Inferior and shallow people do not need to be understood. Understanding them will make you fundamentally stupider.
omg tell me about it
They're not really bitches, they just want to pretend they are, 'cos it's "cool"... Plus:they can't handle any kind of critisism, so when someone, who isn't afraid of it (you) comes along, they're shitting their pants... But that's their problem, not ours ;)