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....I'm in fucking bitch mode, I'm new here so 'hey!', usual, okay thats out the way....now I am so PISSED at older boyfriends who seem to be using you, they write that they are single on their msn profile and when you ask about it they tell you that they haven't updated it > when, hello, just because I'm a grrl don't automatically assume I'm fucking dumb asshole, msn seems to be telling me you updated it a couple of days ago, and you've been going out with me for three months, I fucking hate HATE retards who think they are smarter than me, egotistic shithole mutherfuckas, 'oh I make models of BLAH BLAH BLAH' sorry but you have officially connected yourself to the most Tediously BORING hobby in the world (no offence model makers, sorry but I'm a bitch so fucking eat me) Just fucking DIE SCUM>>>>>!!!!!

ahhh, feel better
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